Achievements and problems in the weed control in common wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) and durum wheat (Triticum Durum Desf.)
G. Delchev, M. Georgiev

Genetics and Breeding

Vokil – a new Bulgarian sunflower hybrid
G. Georgiev, V. Encheva, N. Nenova, Y. Encheva, D. Valkova, P. Peevska, G. Georgiev

Composition, digestibility, feeding value estimation of forage pea (Pisum sativum L.) varieties and hybrids in breeding process and genetic advance evaluation
Y. Naydenova, V. Kosev

Effect of age at first calving on conformation traits in Black-and-White cows
I. Marinov, Zh. Gergovska

Nutrition and Physiology

Stimulating feeding and development of hypopharyngeal and thoracic glands of honeybees (Apis mellifera L.)
R. Shumkova, I. Zhelyazkova

Histopathological changes in small intestines of broiler chickens with experimental aflatoxicosis
N. Grozeva, I. Valchev, Ts. Hristov, L. Lazarov, Y. Nikolov

Histopathological pancreatic changes in broiler chickens with experimental aflatoxicosis
I. Valchev, N. Grozeva, D. Kanakov, Y. Nikolov

Production Systems

Effect of foliar fertilization on sunflower (Helianhtus annuus L.)
G. Milev

Changes in the productivity and the yield structural elements in some spring crops sown on damaged by frost crops of winter oilseed canola
G. Delchev

Agriculture and Environment

Chromium level in water, sediment, aquatic plants and meat of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) from different water bodies in Bulgaria
E. Valkova, V. Atanasov, K. Velichkova, G. Kostadinova, M. Tzanova

Visible – NIR reflectance for evaluation of luvisols and phaeozems
M. Todorova, M. Mihalache, L. Ilie, S. Atanassova

Groundwater quality as a source for irrigation in Strumica valley, Republic of Macedonia
B. Kovacevik, S. Mitrev, B. Boev, I. Karov, V. Zajkova Panova

Chemical and physical properties of the Albic luvisols from Albota-Pitești
M. Mihalache, L. Ilie, M. Todorova, N. Grozeva

Product Quality and Safety

Effects of salt-curing on physicochemical and technological properties of Japanese quail breast meat
S. Ribarski, H. Lukanov, I. Penchev, A. Genchev, E. Lyutskanova

Study of physicochemical parameters of lamb meat from North East Bulgarian fine fleece breed of sheep and its crossbreds from internal breeding
R. Slavov, G. Mihaylova, S. Ribarski, P. Slavova, D. Pamukova

Egg quality and shell colour characteristics of crosses between Araucana and Schijndelaar with highly productive White Leghorn and Rhode Island Red strains
H. Lukanov, A. Genchev, A. Pavlov

Influence of the sweet red papers extract on the quality and oxidative changes in fats of sausages
А. Kuzelov, V. Ilieva, N. Taskov, D. Saneva

Effect of dietary vitamin E supplementation on the oxidative stability of lipids and proteins in cooked pork
T. Popova, P. Marinova, M. Ignatova