Effect of feeding program for first two months after birth of female calves on growth, development and first lactation performance
G. Ganchev, E. Yavuz, N. Todorov

Genetics and Breeding

Involvement of the transcriptional variants of histone H3.3 in the development and heat stress response of Arabidopsis thaliana
M. Naydenov*, B. Georgieva, V. Baev, G. Yahubyan

Study of factors affecting sporophytic development of isolated durum wheat microspores
V. Bozhanova, Horst Lorz

Screening Pisum sp. accessions for resistance to Pseudomonas syringae pv. pisi
M. Koleva, I. Kiryakov

Investigation on the parthenogenetic response of sunflower lines and hybrids
M. Drumeva, P. Yankov

Hybridization between cultivated sunflower and wild annual species Helianthus petiolaris Nutt.
D. Valkova, G. Georgiev, N. Nenova, V. Encheva, J. Encheva

Nutrition and Physiology

Ethological and haematological indices in yearling sheep fed various dietary nitrogen sources
I. Varlyakov, V. Radev, Т. Slavov, R. Mihaylov

Phosphorus fractions in alluvial meadow soil after long-term organic-mineral fertilization
S. Todorova, K. Trendafilov, M. Almaliev

Energy productivity, fertilization rate and profitability of wheat production after various predecessors I. Energy productivity of wheat
Z. Uhr, E. Vasileva

Influence of mineral nitrogen and organic fertilization on the productivity of grain sorghum
S. Enchev, G. Kikindonov

Production Systems

Influence of the farm construction, farm regimen and season on the comfort indices of dairy cows
D. Dimov, Ch. Miteva, Zh. Gergovska

Effect of the way of pre-sowing soil tillage for wheat on the development of its roots
P. Yankov, M. Drumeva, D. Plamenov

Occurrence of grapevine leafroll-associated virus complex in the Republic of Macedonia
E. Kostadinovska, S. Mitrev, I. Karov

Influence of sowing and fertilization rates on the yield and plant health of einkorn wheat (Triticum Monococcum L.)
V. Maneva, D. Atanasova, T. Nedelcheva, M. Stoyanova, V. Stoyanova

Effect of stocking density on growth intensity and feed conversion of common carp (Cyprinus caprio L.), reared in a superintensive system
S. Stoyanova, Y. Staykov

Agriculture and Environment

Monitoring of fungal diseases of lavender
K. Vasileva

Nitrogen mineralization potential of alluvial meadow soil after long-term fertilization
V. Valcheva, K. Trendafilov, M. Almaliev

Changes in the leaf gas exchange of common winter wheat depending on the date of application of a set of herbicides
Z. Petrova, Z. Zlatev

Leaves area characteristics of Betonica bulgarica Degen et Neiĉ., during vegetation
M. Gerdzhikova1*, N. Grozeva2, D. Pavlov1, G. Panayotova1, M. Todorova1

Short communications

Design and development of a device for measuring vacuum-pulsation parameters of milking unit
G. Dineva, V. Vlashev, L. Tsanov