New data about Crocus olivieri Gay on the territory of Sinite Kamani Natural Park, Bulgaria

N. Grozeva*, M. Todorova2, M. Gerdzhikova2, G. Panayotova2, N. Getova3, D. Dohchev3, K. Tsutsov3

1Department of Biology and Aquaculture, Faculty of Agriculture, Trakia University, 6000 Stara agora, Bulgaria 2Department of Plant Production, Faculty of Agriculture, Trakia University, 6000 Stara agora, Bulgaria
3Sinite Kamani Natural Park, Sliven, Bulgaria

Abstract. e aim of te stud is to estalis te current distriution оf Crocus olivieri in inite amani atural Par to assess te state of its oulations and to define its requirements to soil fertilit. leven oulations of te secies ere reistered ten ne for its territor. t as een estalised tat te secies forms oulations in rass communities dominated esleria latifolia and estuca valesiaca on oen areas and on te outsirts of deciduous forests and uses at an altitude from to m on acid and neutral soils ell stoced it oranic caron and assimilale forms of otassium and less stoced it mineral nitroen and assimilale form of osorus. ts oulations numer from to secimens at an area from to m. ain treats for te oulations of te secies in te atural Par are antrooenic imact indered seed roaation onoin erosion rocesses enetration of Pteridium aquilinum. e status of all oulations is relativel ood ut for teir reservation insitu measures must e alied includin clearin te dead forest and rass mass reseedin in aroriate areas it recollected mature seeds transferrin of vulnerale lants to etter rotected areas of te oulations mecanical control to revent te enetration of Pteridium aquilinum.