Pilot Edition Volume 1, Number 1, March 2009

Genetics and Breeding

The use of synthetic seminal plasma (Predil MR-A®) as a method to facilitate procedures with cervical and post-cervical artificial insemination of sows: comparative results

J. A. Garcia Ruvalcaba, R. Pallas Alonso, R. Hernandez-Gil and S. Dimitrov

Egg productivity and egg quality estimation and evaluation of two breeds of Japanese quails (Coturnix japonica)

A. Genchev and M. Kabakchiev

Nutrition and Physiology

Present day situation and needs for further development of protein evaluation systems for ruminants. A review.

N. Todorov

Production Systems

Reproduction ability on autochthonous cattle breed, bred in different production systems

V. Nikolov and S. M. Alragubi

Agriculture and Environment

Influence of ecological factors on the surviving of some cereal grasses cultivated in Sakar Mountain

V. Vateva, K. Stoeva and P. Todorova

The Tabanids (Diptera: Tabanidae) from the Belassitsa Mountain, Bulgaria

D. Ganeva

Breeding for Ascochyta blight resistant, high-quality kabuli chickpea varieties in Bulgaria

D. Atanasova and M. Mihov

Product Quality and Safety

Intelligent technologies for assessment of quality and safety of food agricultural products

M. Mladenov, C. Damyanov, S. Atanasova and T. Draganova

Study of antibacterial activity of some spice extracts used in the meat industry

S. Dyankova, A. Dyakova, D. Miteva and M. Garbacheva