Review of species of the phylum Acanthocephala from the Middle-Bulgarian Region

Z. Dimitrova, N. Dimitrova
Abstract. A review of the acanthocephalan species recorded from the Middle-Bulgarian biogeographical region is presented. A total of 28 species have been recorded as parasites in vertebrate hosts: 5 from fishes, 2 from amphibians, 19 from birds and 2 from mammals. The recorded species belong to 13 genera, 8 families, 5 orders and 3 classes. As definitive hosts, 64 vertebrate species have been recorded: 19 fish, 4 amphibian, 37 avian and 4 mammalian species. In addition, 3 vertebrate species (2 fishes and 1 reptile) and 5 species of arthropods (3 isopods and 2 coleopterans) were recorded as paratenic and intermediate hosts, respectively. The host-parasite checklists are presented.