Study on the process of unloading grain harvesters at the end of the field

G. Tihanov

Department of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, Trakia University,
6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

(Manuscript received 4 January 2017; accepted for publication 11 April 2017)

Abstract. The paper analyses the cases of unloading harvester hoppers at the end of the field. A passive experiment was carried out in two agricultural farms while harvesting wheat and rice, and the times that affect the unloading of the grain hopper have been measured when the harvester moves to the end of the field to unload its hopper. In chronometering the operations it has been established that 63% of the time for unloading grain hoppers at the end of the field is used for auxiliary operations and only 37% of the time is related to proper unloading of the grain hopper. It has been found that the time for moving the harvester to the vehicle at the end of the field has longer duration (t = 127.72 s) than the time when the harvester goes back to the strip of land to continue harvesting (t = 1 780.36 s).