Weeds and weed control in forage pea: A Review
S. Ivanov

Genetics and Breeding

Races of bacterial spot pathogen infecting genus Capsicum in Bulgaria
K. Vasileva, N. Bogatzevska

Emergence rate of seedlings from hard okra seed coats and seedling growth of some genotypes of West African okra (Abelmoschus caillei)
P.M. Jonah, G.K. Farauta, Y.M. Kwaga, H.E. Shehu, N.M. Fakuta, B.P. Mshelmbula

Nutrition and Physiology

Phytochemical, pharmacological and tissue culture applications of Wedelia spp. – A review
B.A. Ahmed, S.N. Idris, R.M. Taha, M.M. Mustafa, F. MMT Marikar

Production Systems

An automatic irrigation system for water optimization in the Algerian agricultural sector
O. Bouketir

Investment on wheat research and its effect: A case of Nepal
K.P. Timsina, S. Gairhe, P. Koirala, J. Shrestha

Analysis of cost and return in cowpea production: A case study Mubi south local government area of Adamawa State, Nigeria
T. Joshua, J. Zalkuwi, M.M. Audu

Agriculture and Environment

Bulk density and organic carbon contents of soil pedons influenced by different tree species
C.M. Ahukaemere, D.N. Osujieke, V.O. Ugwa, A.O. Ogwuche

Effect of salinity on morpho-physiological parameters and nitrogen content in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)
Koulali Fatiha, Hassani Abdelkrim, Bekki Abdelkader

Biotic stress factors in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) genotypes under various environmental conditions in Trakia region
İ. Öztürk

Product Quality and Safety

Heavy metals analysis in some freshwater and marine fish species from markets of Lahore, Pakistan
M.A. Hadyait, A. Ali, S. Salim, M. Shahzadi, E.M. Bhatti, U. Pasha

Boar taint and meat quality characteristics of entire male and castrated male pigs
I.G. Penchev

Households’ consumption willingness for locally processed rice in Kogi State, Nigeria
A.O. Ojo, O.M. Animoku, M.A. Ojo

Food safety knowledge among farming households in Irepodun local government area, Kwara State, Nigeria
A.O. Awoyemi, M.N. Ajiboy, G.B. Adesiji, A.O. Kayode

Short Communications

Optimal use of areas in perennial vegetable crops during first year of growing
T. Dintcheva, H. Boteva, B. Arnaoudov

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