Volume 2, Number 3, September 2010

Genetics and Breeding

Grouping of determinate local tomato varieties on the basis of cluster analysis

L. Krasteva, I. Ivanova, N. Velcheva

Genetic diversity in Bulgarian Thoroughbred using microsatellite DNA markers

G. Barzev, E. Zhelyazkov, V. Barzeva, D. Hristova, Z. Sabev

Еvaluation of the stability and adaptability of the Bulgarian lavender sorts yield

S. Stanev

Nutrition and Physiology

Effect of dietary exogenous phytase supplementation in growing and fattening pigs

А. Ilchev

Production Systems

Designing lavender plantations in relation to the mechanized harvesting of lavender blossom

K. Trendafilov, N. Delchev

Economic evaluation of winter wheat leaf fertilization

A. Stoyanova, I. Gospodinov, R. Petkova

Effect of fertilization and predecessor on chemical composition and energy value of wintering oats grain

M. Dimitrova – Doneva, R. Petkova

Agriculture and Environment

Animal hygiene and ecological assessment of air pollution in a pig-farm for 50 sows

G. Petkov, G. Kostadinova, R. Stefanova, T. Penev, P. Gercheva

Variation in lipid abundance and composition in a fire affected hillside from Lyulin mountain, Bulgaria

I. Atanassova, M. Teoharov

Determination of minimum heat insulation thickness for an experimental methane bioreactor

R. Georgiev, K. Peychev, I. Simeonov, A. Alexandrov

Quality and Safety

Theoretical study of absorption refrigeration system thermally activated by a vacuum pipe solar collector

K. Peychev, R. Georgiev, D. Dimitrova