Genetics and Breeding

Heritability of osmoregulation ability at durum wheat
V. Bozhanova, D. Dechev

Breeding and agrotechnics of rape (Brassica napus L.). Winter rape – distribution, cultivation and investigation in Bulgaria
M. Hristova-Cherbadzi, G. Georgiev

Nutrition and Physiology

Age-related changes in mineral retention and excretion in starter and finisher pigs diets with and without exogenous phytase
А. Ilchev, G. Gаnchev, S. Chobanova, D. Kanakov, P. Petkov, I. Nikiforov

Combined effect of Cygro® and vitamin E on oxidative stress status of broiler chickens infected with Eimeria tenella
N. Georgieva, V. Koinarski, M. Gabrashanska

Effect of addition of multienzyme preparation VemoZyme®Plus on productive and slaughter parameters and meat composition of broiler chickens, fed wheat-corn-soybean meal diets
V. Georgieva, S. Chobanova , G. Ganchev, I. Manolov, D. Jarkov, M. Lalev, D. Stoianov

Production Systems

Comparative analysis of some investments costs for free rearing female breeding calves
V. Dimova, Y. Popova, D. Dinev

Effect of organo-mineral fertilization on growth and development of perennial grass mixture, cultivated in Strandzha
K. Stoeva, V.Vateva

Аgrobiological characterisitics of wintering forms of foeniculum vulgare L.

A. Dzhurmanski

Theoretical determination of the width of strip for turning when ploughing with trailed and semi-mounted reversible ploughs in a field with irregular shape
K. Trendafilov

Quality and Safety

Quality characteristics of yogurt supplemented with nuts
S. Boycheva, N. Naydenova, G. Mihaylova, T. Dimitrov, D. Pavlov

Amendment speed of water infiltration in surge irrigation for cinnamon forest soil
I. Gospodinov, S. Chehlarova-Simeonova, A. Stoianova, R. Petkova