Volume 9, Number 3, September 2017


Problems and achievements of cotton (Gossypium Hirsutum L.) weeds control
T. Barakova, G. Delchev

Achievements and problems in the weed control in grain sorghum (Sorghum Bicolor Moench.)
G. Delchev, M. Georgiev

Genetics and Breeding

Parthenogenetic responsiveness of sunflower hybrid combinations with expressed tolerance to herbicides
M. Drumeva, P. Yankov

In vitro propagation of oil-bearing rose (Rosa damascena Mill.)
V. Badzhelova

Nutrition and Physiology

Variation in the chemical composition and physical characteristics of grain from winter barley varieties
B. Dyulgerova, N. Dyulgerov, D. Dimova

Haematological and serum biochemical indices of broiler chickens fed raw sickle pod (Senna obtusifolia) seed meal
C. Augustine, I.D. Kwari, J.U. Igwebuike, S.B. Adamu

Prey size selectivity of pikeperch (Sander Lucioperca L.) fed with topmouth gudgeon (Pseudorasbora Parva Temminck & Schlegel)
M. Gevezova-Kazakova, M. Yankova, T. Hubenova, A. Zaikov, G. Rusenov

Influence of organic nitrogen amendment, containing amino acids on the cellulase and xylanase, produced by Trichoderma spp. isolates
D. Draganova, I. Valcheva, Y. Kuzmanova, M. Naydenov

Production Systems

Justification of a method for determining the moment for switching on the level one signaling of filled grain harvester hoppers
G. Tihanov, B. Kolev, K. Trendafilov, N. Delchev, Y. Stoyanov

Mathematical approaches for assessment and classification of the European Union member states based on the average yield of vegetables for the period 1961-2014
N. Keranova

Present status of Zymoseptoria tritici (Mycospharella graminicola /Fuckel/ Schroter) of the wheat cultures in the Republic of Macedonia
I. Karov, E. Arsov

Agriculture and Environment

Influence of basic agrotechnical activities on the productivity and yield of Triticum monococcum L.
S. Stamatov, K. Uzundzhalieva, E. Valchinova, G. Desheva, P. Chavdarov, B. Kyosev, T. Cholakov, R. Ruseva, N. Velcheva

Avifauna abundance and diversity in Jos wildlife park, Nigeria
B.T. Kwaga, D. Iliya, A. Ali, D. Khobe

Ecological analysis of the flora in the ‘Chinarite’ protected area – Rodopi municipality, Bulgaria
L. Dospatliev, M. Lacheva

Product Quality and Safety

Food emulsions with amidated pectin from celery (Apium graveolens var. rapaceum D. C.) tubers
Iv. Petrova, N. Petkova, M. Ognyanov, Ap. Simitchiev, M. Todorova, P. Denev

Sensory and instrumental texture analysis of Bulgarian commercial pates
M. Tonchev, T. Atanasov, A. Todorova, Ts. Atanasova, N. Shtrankova, M. Momchilova G. Zsivanovits

Short Communication

Influence of elevated platform (wire-mesh or wooden) in the cage on domestic rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) activity
S. Peeva, E. Raichev, D. Georgiev, A. Stefanov