Genetics and Breeding

Variation in the agronomic and morphological traits in spring barley
N. Dyulgerov, B. Dyulgerova

Study on the loss of accuracy of AC method for milk yield control in sheep
D. Dimov, P. Zhelyazkova, A. Vuchkov

Нordein polymorphism between spring barley cultivars by SDS-PAGE electrophoresis
N. Neykov, S. Doneva

Nutrition and Physiology

Comparative study of rapeseed, monofloral types and multifloral honey by some physico-chemical parameters
I. Zhelyazkova, S. Lazarov

Body condition score, nonesterified fatty acids and beta-hydroxybutyrate concentrations in goats with subclinical ketosis
V. Marutsova, R. Binev

Production Systems

Lucrative status of improved dual purpose cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L., Walp) in Damboa, Borno State, North-Eastern Nigeria
B.H. Gabdo

Study on the emptying time of grain harvester hoppers
K. Trendafilov, N. Delchev, B. Kolev, G. Tihanov

Length of the growing season and yield in Triticum monococcum L., in accordance with the growing conditions
S. Stamatov, E. Valchinova, G. Desheva, K. Uzundzhalieva, P. Chavdarov, T. Cholakov, B. Kyosev, R. Ruseva, N. Velcheva

Productivity of durum wheat cultivar Predel at nitrogen-phosphorous fertilization
L. Plescuta

Effect of the herbicide treatment dose on the weed infestation in common winter wheat
Z. Petrova

Evaluation of some technological properties of Caucasian ram wool
D. Pamukova, G. Staykova, N. Stancheva, D. Panayotov

Agriculture and Environment

Saved СО2 emissions by using renewable sources for hot water yield in Bulgarian dairy farms
R. Georgiev, R. Slavov, K. Peychev, D. Georgiev, S. Apostolov, J. Ellingsen, J. Tønnesen

Inventory of the legal base for reclamation of lands disturbed by open-cast mining in Bulgaria
M. Banov, V. Tzolova, I. Kirilov

Taxonomic composition of phytoplankton in Black Sea area in front of the Cape Galata (2008-2016)
D. Klisarova, D. Gerdzhikov

Biodiversity of the macrozoobenthos in some protected marine areas along Bulgarian Black Sea coast
E. Petrova, S. Stoykov

Heavy metals in organs of gudgeon (Gobio gobio L.) from Vardar River, R. Macedonia
R. Nastova, V. Kostov, I. Uslinovska

Product Quality and Safety

Mathematical methods for assessment and analysis of honey yield data for Bulgaria and the European Union for the period 1961-2014
N. Keranova

Carcass traits and meat quality of different slow growing and fast growing broiler chickens
M. Oblakova, N. Mincheva, P. Hristakieva, I. Ivanova, M. Lalev, Sv. Georgieva

Role and importance of the awareness for whey in dairy sector at an international level
M. Yılmaz, H. Celik, A.D. Karaman, K. Celik