Genetics and Breeding

Karyotype variability of the Ukrainian Mountain-Carpathian sheep breed
K. Typylo

Genotype x environment interaction analysis of Triticum aestivum L. for yield components
İ. Öztürk, K.Z. Korkut

Nutrition and Physiology

Potential of Gmelina leaf meal diets on the productive and physiological characteristics of growing rabbits
P.C. Jiwuba, U.O. Ikpe, N.L. Azodo

Production Systems

Effect of different tank colours on some productive parameters of European catfish (Silurus glanis L.) fingerlings
V. Krasteva, A. Zaikov, M. Yankova

Estimation of technical efficiency of cattle feedlot system in Adamawa State, Nigeria: Comparison among estimators
B.H. Gabdo, M.R. Ja’afar-Furo, M.Y. Hamid, Y.A. Thlaffa

Ginger value chain analysis: A case of smallholder ginger production and marketing in hills of central Nepal
Bhishma Raj Dahal, Swodesh Rijal

Еconomic efficiency of local, merino and meat-type sheep breeds raised in Bulgaria without milking
K. Stankov

Economic efficiency of Bulgarian dairy synthetic population and Assaf sheep breeds
K. Stankov

Stochastic production function and costs-returns analyses of apiarists in Adamawa State, Nigeria
M.M. Audu, M.R. Ja’afar-Furo, B.H. Gabdo

Agriculture and Environment

Phytoplankton blooms in front of cape Galata (Black Sea) during the period 2008-2017
D. Klisarova, D. Gerdzhikov

Efficacy of different herbicide combinations for weed control in irrigated maize silage
R. Bazitov

The effect of laundry grey water irrigation on the growth response of selected local bean species in Nigeria
B. Ikhajiagbe, E.O. Ohanmu, P.O. Ekhator, P.A. Victor

Soil structure indices under different tillage systems of sandy loam soil in Hadejia, Jigawa state, Nigeria
A. Nabayi, H.A. Santuraki, A.H. Girei, N.G. Hayatu, F.D. Haruna, S.A. Yusif, S.A. Lukman

Product Quality and Safety

Interrelationships between some vegetative components and fruit quality of Algerian date palm
A. Rekis, Z. Laiadi

Еffect of insect infestation on the economic value of smoked fish sold in selected markets in Nigeria
A.A. Ayeloja, F.O.A. George, W.A. Jimoh, G.L. Adebisi

Challenges of smallholder farmers in accessing agricultural information in Southern Ethiopia
G.R. Megerssa, B.G. Gemede, A.W. Jarsa