Role of soil microbes in sustainable crop production and soil health: A review
K.K. Shah, S. Tripathi, I. Tiwari, J. Shrestha, B. Modi, N. Paudel, B.D. Das

Genetics and Breeding

Correlations between quantitative traits of winter common wheat-breeding tool for increasing grain yield
N. Tsenov, T. Gubatov, I. Yanchev

Heritability and correlation coefficient analysis for grain yield and yield-related traits in spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
B. Dyulgerova, D. Valcheva, D. Valchev, M. Babulicova, M. Havrlentova

Statistical models based on morphometric traits for live body weight estimation in goats
N.A. Ouchene-Khelifi, N. Ouchene

Live weight, Body condition score, body dimensions, and phenotypic correlations between them in sheep of Bulgarian dairy synthetic population
P. Slavova, N. Dimova, M. Mihaylova, S. Slavova, S. Laleva, Y. Popova

Morphological and morphometric characterization of Bulgarian local chicken breed – Southwest Bulgarian dzinka
H. Lukanov, I. Pavlova

Nutrition and Physiology

Effects of liquid organic mineral complex (MultiMix®) on milk yield, composition and cheesemaking capacity of milk in dairy cows
T. Angelova, K. Nedelkov, D. Yordanova, V. Karabashev, J. Krastanov

Evaluation of Clove (Eugenia caryophyllata) and Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) powders for common carp Cyprinus carpio L. anaesthesia
Nasreen Mohi Alddin Abdulrahman, Khalidah Salim Al-Niaeem, Amjed Kadem Resen

Production Systems

Effect of transport vehicles on the grain harvester idle time during harvesting
G. Tihanov

Optimizing the thickness of a straw outer wall of a building for sows in a view to achieving cost-effective heat insulation
V. Dimova, D. Georgiev

Agriculture and Environment

Simulated acid rain impact on growth, yield and leaf anatomy of Dioscorea rotundata (L.)
E.P. Edosa, J.F. Bamidele

Effect of irrigation rate on Sudan grass yield, grown as a second crop
R. Bazitov

Product Quality and Safety

Plant-parasitic nematodes associated with Moringa tree (Moringa oleifera Lam.) in Adamawa, North Eastern Nigeria
M.Y. Jada, M.Y. Adamu, M.B. Aji, G. Abdullahi

Agricultural Economics

Estimation of the economic efficiency of Lacaune sheep farms, based on theoretical bio-economic models
S. Slavova

Assessing resource utilisation in beef cattle feedlot system in Adamawa State, Nigeria
M.R. Ja’afar-Furo, M.Y. Hamid, A.Y. Thlaffa, A. Sulaiman

Case Study

Isolation of Lactobacillus species from fermented Parkia biglobosa seed and screening for their probiotic activity
K. Kuti, I.M. Hussaini, A. Usman, A. Isa



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