Volume 15, Number 2, June 2023

Genetics and Breeding

Effect of genotype-environment interaction on some important quality parameters of common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
N. Tsenov, T. Gubatov, I. Yanchev

Multivariate analysis of seed yield and morphological characters of Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench) accessions
M.A. Murtadha, S. Adetoro, K.A. Shittu

Nutrition and Physiology

Methodology for monitoring biochemical changes in Holstein cows with ketosis
V. Marutsova

Production Systems

Diversity and composition of weed species in a continuously grown maize field treated with selected pre-emergence herbicides
F.O. Takim, J. Falola-Olasunkanmi, O. Osatuyi, I. Garuba

Influence of nitrogen fertilization on the energy value of maize grain in non-ruminants
R. Bazitov, M. Mihaylova, G. Ganchev

Agriculture and Environment

Assessment of the impact of wastewater from an abattoir in Oyo state on groundwater in Onidundu community, Nigeria
Kubrat A. Oyinlola, Fausat O. Odujebe, Adefemi O. Ajibare, Dorcas K. Oriolowo, Gbemisola E. Ogunleye, Ezekiel O. Odebunmi, Muinat O. Kazeem

Inhibitory effect of Greek oregano extracts, fractions and essential oil on economically important plant pathogens on soybean
A. Lyubenova, M. Nikolova, S. B. Slavov

Influence of combined stress by salinity (NaCl) and heavy metals (Pb(NO3)2) on the proline, chlorophyll and lead accumulation in the tissues of the Atriplex canescens (Pursh ) Nutt
A. Ouaini, H.A. Reguieg Yssaad, T. Nouri, A. Nani, S. Benouis

Product Quality and Safety

Dynamic biometric data, total soluble solids, ash content, firmness, and color characteristics of two peach varieties
S. Pandova, D. Mihaylova, A. Popova, S. Savchovska, A. Zhivondov

Principles of operation of energy management controller
Y. Ivanova, R. Bozhilov, S. Ivanov

Agricultural Economics

Economic performance of sheep farms of the Local Stara Zagora breed
S. Slavova