Organic farming, organic animal husbandry and organic products

І. Varlyakov

Genetics and Breeding

Inheritance weight of the grain in hybrids in winter common wheat

E. Nikolova, D. Pavlov

Investigation of genetic diversity of isolate common smut of corn by using RAPD marker in Lorestan Province

Z. Noruzi, S. A. Moosavi, M. Darvishnia, N. Azadbakht, F. Fayazi

Induction of parturition in sows with prostaglandin analog Alfaprostol

S. Dimitrov, G. Bonev, I. Penchev, R Krejci

Developing sunflower fertility restorer lines from commercial hybrids by using in vitro technique

M. Drumeva

Nutrition and Physiology

Effects of dietary palm oil supplementation on some ruminal fermentation parameters and weight development of yearling sheep

T. Slavov, V. Radev, S. Tchobanova

Histometry of third eyelid (Harderian) gland in helmeted guinea fowl (Numida meleagris)

D. Dimitrov

Investigations on liver function in mulards with experimentally induced aflatoxicosis

N. Grozeva, I. Valchev, D. Kanakov, Ts. Hristov, L. Lazarov, R. Binev, Y. Nikolov

Production Systems

Content and yield of crude protein from winter pea grain, cultivated after different predecessors in conditions of organic and conventional production

M. Gerdgikova, M. Videva, D. Pavlov

Changes in the hindleg conformation and their relation to lameness, production system and lactation number in dairy cows

Tch. Miteva, T. Penev, Zh. Gergovska, J. Mitev, N.Vasilev, V. Dimova

Change of available forms of nitrogen and phosphorus in alluvial-meadow soil, after longterm fertilization

S. Todorova, N. Simeonova, K. Trendafilov, V. Valcheva

Response of vine rootstocks to the content of Ca and Mg in nutrient solutions

V. Valcheva, K. Trendafilov

Influence of liming with Ca(OH) on the iron and manganese content in foliage of vine varieties

K. Trendafilov, V. Valcheva

Influence of some herbicides and herbicide tank mixtures on the grain yield and sowing seeds of durum wheat

G. Delchev

Production efficiency of three fattening systems for black and White male calves

R. Otuzbirov, R. Kalev, Zh. Gergovska

Bioproducts against diseases and pest in tomato production in cultivation facilities

S. Masheva, N. Valchev, V. Yankova

Evapotranspiration of sunflower crops depending on irrigation

A. Matev, R. Petrova, H. Kirchev

Agriculture and Environment

The evolution and current state of agricultural land and livestock exploited in organic farming system in Romania

I. Răducuţă, A.T. Bogdan, I. Van, D. Rebega, C. Fabian, I. Grosulescu

Optimizing of rotary hoe weed control in field bean crop at transition to organic agriculture in Dobrudzha. I. Crop injuries.

I. Iliev, G. Milev

New data for some rare macromycetes in Bulgaria

M. Lacheva

Application of NIRS as a rapid and alternative method for prediction of heavy metals content in soil

M.Todorova, S. Atanassova , B. Sitaula, D. Apturachim, P. Valkova, D. Dermendgieva

Comparative technical and economic analysis of systems for liquid manure management

V. Dimova, R. Georgiev, Ch. Miteva, N. Nedelcheva

Product Quality and Safety

Effects of lycopene on the colour and sensory characteristics of cooked sausages

D. Gradinasrska, K. Danov, K. Valkova-Jorgova

Monitoring of milk acid coagulation by rotational viscometer

P. Boyanova, P. Panayotov, B. Milenkov, H. Dinkov3

Determining the quality characteristics of ready-to-cook minced meat products through hyperspectral images

K. Kolev

Effect of the duration of shelf life on some quality parameters related to bee honey

K. Elencheva-Karaneycheva, I. Zhelyazkova, R. Balkanska