1. Selection for linear traits for legs and feet and its significance for dairy cattle breeding
I. Marinov

Genetic and Breeding

2. Morphological analysis of spikes and grouping of accessions of Triticum turgidum ssp. dicoccon
H. Stoyanov

3. Crops from Cucurbitaceae in collection of the Maritsa Vegetable Crops Research Institute, Plovdiv – local cultivars and their application in breeding programme
N. Velkov, V. Petkova

4. Study of chickpea seed size heredity (Cicer arietinum L.)
R. Sturzu, T. Nistor, F. Bodescu, C. Melucă

5. Egg quality traits in layers from different production types
H. Lukanov

6. Evaluation of Bulgarian winter common wheat varieties of yield stability in South Bulgaria
Z. Uhr, G. Rachovska, G. Delchev

7. Study of opportunities for effective use of varieties from Ukraine for creating early winter wheat lines II.Grain quality
N. Tsenov, D. Atanasova, I. Stoeva, E. Tsenova

8. Anther culture response of Winter Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
B. Dyulgerova, D. Vulcheva, D. Dimova

9. Evaluation of grain yield in advanced lines two-rowed winter barley
M. Dimitrova-Doneva, D. Valcheva, D. Vulchev, B. Dyulgerova, M. Gotcheva, T. Popova

Nutrition and Physiology

10. Haematology and some serum parameters of broilers fed decorticated fermented Prosopis africana seed meal
D. Hassan, N. Yusuf, M. Musa, I. Musa-Azara, R. Barde, D. Ogah, A. Yakubu, M. Ari

11. Comparative age – related weight and morphometrical investigation of the intraorbital glands in the common bronze turkey (Meleagris Meleagris Gallopavo)
D. Dimitrov

12. Effect of the dietary supplement Zarnela on some duodenal chyme parameters in yearling rams
V. Radev, I. Varlyakov, T. Slavov, R. Mihaylov

Production Systems

13. Variations of maize yield and some quality indices of grain depending on the type of main soil tillage
P. Yankov, M. Drumeva, D. Plamenov

14. Behavior, sexual maturity and productive traits in gilts reared under different floor area
M. Kirov, V. Doychev.

15. Influence of organic fertilizers Aminobest and Greenfol on the initial stages of growth of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
М. Pashev, D. Yakimov, V. Budаeva

16. Algorithm for determining the type of turns carried out by the unit in shuttle movement in the field while using precision farming systems
K. Trendafilov

17. Correlations between morphological and productive parameters in Burley tobacco
Y. Dyulgerski, Tz. Radoukova

18. Growth and fruiting of the apple sort Braeburn 7926 grafted on M9 Pajam2 and MM106
G. Dobrevska

Agriculture and Environment

19. Theoretical model of biogas production from cattle slurry with different additive of maize silage
K. Peychev, R. Georgiev

20. New data about Agaricus (Section Minores, Agaricaceae) in Bulgaria
M. Lacheva, Tz. Radoukova

21. Changes of the humus status of Pellic Vertisol (FAO) soil type under long-term growing of filed crops in a stationary trial without fertilization
V. Koteva, S. Kostadinova

22. Non-fish marine resources and their exploitation along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast
E. Petrova – Pavlova

23. Productivity and grass density of the main types of pastures in Sakar and Strandja region
V. Vateva

Product Quality and Safety

24. Automatic measurement of Loin eye urea with computer vision system
Z. Zlatev, S. Ribarski, M. Mladenov

25. Influence of the kinetics of salting for Bulgarian white brined cheese, produced by mechanized and traditional technology on the starter and adjunct microflora during ripening
P. Panayotov, V. Mihailov, D. Rakov

26. Effect of season, lactation period and number of lactation on mastitis incidence and milk yields in dairy cows
T. Penev, Zh. Gergovska, I. Marinov, V. Kirov, K. Stankov, Y. Mitev, Ch. Miteva