Avifauna abundance and diversity in Jos wildlife park, Nigeria

B.T. Kwaga1, D. Iliya1, A. Ali1, D. Khobe2*

1Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management, Federal University of Technology, Yola, Nigeria 2Department of Animal Production, Adamawa State University, Mubi, Nigeria

(Manuscript received 1 June 2017; accepted for publication 30 August 2017)

Abstract. There is a great need to determine the abundance and diversity of any ecosystems biodiversity through its species composition and richness. This study compared the diversity and abundance of bird (avifauna) species in three habitats of the Wildlife Park, Plateau State, Nigeria. The three vegetation types (Gallery, Savannah and the Rocky areas) were surveyed. Fifteen (15) line transects (five in each of the habitats) were laid in the morning and evening hours. The data obtained were subjected to descriptive statistics (mean and percentages). Simpson’s diversity index was also employed in assessing the diversity of avifauna species in the study area. The result obtained indicated that a total of 616, 569 and 363 birds were recorded in the morning hours while a total of 117, 140 and 115 were identified in the evening. The results of birds species diversity (morning and evening) indicated that transects II (0.5956) and I (0.7407) for Gallery forests, transects II (0.6946) and III (1.000) for Savannah V (0.0784) and I (0.0752) for Rocky habitats, respectively, had the highest birds diversity. It is recommended that pastoralists and Plateau State Government should liaise and provide alternative grazing reserves to minimize the encroachment of the pastoralists into the Park and other protected areas.