Bioagents of the Chrysopidae (Neuroptera) feeding on Myzus persicae Sulzer (Hemiptera; Aphididae) in a crop of oriental tobacco

Zh. Radev*

Tobacco and tobacco products institute, 4108 Markovo, Agricultural Academy, Bulgaria

(Manuscript received 27 April 2022; accepted for publication 23 August 2022)

Abstract. This study was conducted with the aim to establish the bioagents of the Chrysopidae (Neuroptera) family feeding on green peach aphid Myzus persicae Sulzer (Hemiptera; Aphididae) in an oriental tobacco crop. The results showed low multiplication density of the aphidophagous species throughout the two-year course of the study. Four representatives of the Chrysopidae were established and the species with the highest densities were seven-spotted lacewing Chrysopa septempunctata Wesmael and beautiful lacewing Chrysopa formosa Brauer – 55.6% and 27.8%, respectively. Оrdinary lacewing Chrysopa carnea Stephens and green lacewing Chrysopa prasina Burmeister related to the control of the green peach aphid represented correspondingly 11.1% and 5.5% of the total number of lacewings, but single representatives were found and hence it could be assumed that they did not play a significant role in the limitation of M. persicae. Later emergence of the lacewings in the tobacco crop was observed, in the period 20th – 30th June of 2021 and 2022, which is a period of relatively high multiplication rate of the green peach aphid.