Effect of application of foliar herbicides on the productivity and physical parameters of triticale cultivars (xTriticosecale Wittm.)

Z. Petrova*, H. Stoyanov

Agricultural Academy, Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute, 9520 General Toshevo, Bulgaria

(Manuscript received 30 June 2022; accepted for publication 14 November 2023)

Abstract. The aim of this research was to determine the effect of application of herbicides on productivity and physical parameters of triticale cultivars. The research was carried out in 2018 –2021 at Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute, General Toshevo (DAI). The following herbicides were used: Ergon WG (50 g/ha), Starane Gold (1800 ml/ha), Biatlon 4D+Desh (50 g/ha+500 ml/ha) and Korelo Duo+Das Oil (260.5 g/ha +500 ml/ha) from the group of sulfunylureas with various mechanisms of action. The preparations were applied at stage 29 and 37 (according to Zadoks) of three triticale cultivars, Akord, Kolorit and Dobrudzhanets. The herbicide effect was determined by the quantitative weight method and evaluated by the EWRS scale. The parameters were the following: productivity (ha), weight of 1000 grains (g) and hectoliter (kg). Four-factor dispersion analysis was applied. The factors considered were year conditions, cultivar, herbicide and stage of treatment. The factors with the highest strength of effect were the year conditions (60%) and the used cultivar (31%). Significantly lower was the effect of the factors stage of treatment (5%) and applied herbicide (4%).