Effects of location, gender and indole butyric acid on rooting of Laurus nobilis L. semi-hardwood stem cuttings

A. Saeed*, T. Amin

Department of Environment and Forestry, Faculty of Agriculture, Tishreen University, Latakia, Syria

(Manuscript received 15 April 2020; accepted for publication 1 July 2020)

Abstract. The research was conducted in 2018 in order to investigate the effect of location, tree gender and indole butyric acid (IBA) 4000ppm on rooting of semi-hardwood stem cuttings. Two locations (Al-Samrah and Al-Nabaeen) in Latakia province, Syria, different in latitude and above sea level (500 m and 827 m, respectively) were studied. The results showed significant effect (p<0.05) of the location and tree gender on rooting capacity. No rooting was observed in control (without IBA treatment). Location also affected the number of roots/cuttings. No effect of location or tree gender on root length and diameter was established. The highest rooting rates (%) were for cuttings taken from female trees from Al-Samrah location when treated with IBA 4000 ppm (82.2%).