Fruit maturity evolution of Clementine Mandarin variety (strain 88) grafted on different citrus rootstocks

A. Ibrahim*

Research station of Ciano, Jableh, the agricultural scientific research center in Lattakia, General Corps of Scientific Agricultural Researches, Syria

(Manuscript received 17 August 2023; accepted for publication 13 November 2023)

Abstract. The research was carried out at Ciano Research Station of Lattakia Research Center – General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research in Damascus in 2019. The fruit maturity evolution of Clementine Mandarin variety (Strain 88) budded on seven citrus rootstocks (Sour Orange, Citrumelo 4475, Citrumelo 1452, Troyer Citrange, Carrizo Citrange, Macrophylla and Cleopatra Mandarin) and planted in 1989 was studied for a period of 84 days, starting from 16th September 2019 to the start of reaping the fruits on 9th December 2019. There were insignificant differences in the average weight increase of the fruit among the studied treatments. Fruit peel thickness significantly increased by (50.15%) in the trees grafted on Macrophylla compared to those grafted on Cleopatra Mandarin, Troyer Citrange and Citrumelo 1452 whose fruit peel thickness increased by (19.21, 9.58 and 2.61%, respectively). The highest increase in total soluble solids (%) was in the trees grafted on Troyer Citrange by (38.10%), while total acids (%) significantly decreased by (18.33%) in the trees grafted on Citrumelo 1452.