Influence of the amount of milk clotting enzyme with microbial and camel origin on the coagulation time of cow’s milk

P. Panayotov, K. Yoanidu, P. Boyanova, B. Milenkov
Abstract. A study of rennet coagulation of cow’s milk was conducted using chymosin of microbial and camel origin in the range 10 to 60 cm3.10-2 dm-3 with an equivalent activity to 1:50000. As a control calf chymosin was used. The monitoring includes heuristic, optical and viscosimetric methods. Significant differences in both initial coagulation time, as well as in time of full coagulation of milk were determinated. The data obtained in a research study can be used in laboratory and manufacturing practices using chymosin of camel origin, which can mainly be used in cheese making, using stream dosing of the coagulant and low impact of the enzyme on the cheese ripening process.