New data for Leucoagaricus and Leucocoprinus (Agaricaceae) in Bulgaria

M. Lacheva
Abstract. New data on seven lepiotaceous fungi are reported for the country. One of them – Leucocoprinus badhamii (Berk. and Broome) Locq. were recorded for the first time in Bulgaria. The species Leucoagaricus wichanskyi (Pilát) Bon and Boiffard are of conservation value included in the Red List of fungi in Bulgaria. All taxa are presented with brief chorological data and notes on their distribution in the country. The new species are described and illustrated by photographs. Presented are macroscopic pictures of some of the typical species. Some observations are discussed in support of the microscopic separation of Leucocoprinus badhamii from Leucoagaricus pilatianus. The aim of the paper is to enrich the information about fungal diversity of Bulgarian mycota.