Anther culture response of winter barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

B. Dyulgerova*, D. Vulcheva, D. Dimova

Abstract. The potential of anther culture to produce double-haploid lines was evaluated for Bulgarian winter barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) breeding applications. Тwo 6-row and two 2-row F hybrids were studied. Anthers were culture on two different induction media – N6 and MS, both supplemented with 60 2 g/L maltose, 40 g/L starch, 3 g/L Gelrite. Composition of the culture media, genotype and their interaction showed significant effect on the frequency of responsive anthers and regenerated plants. The response ranged from 1.33 to 60.67 green regenerants per 100 anthers cultured. The number of green plants regenerated on N6 based media was significantly higher than on MS based media in the genotypes – F Lambic x KT 287 and F PG 4348 x KT 2168. Changes 2 2 in the composition of the culture media and the identification of responsive genotypes makes anther culture an efficient procedure for Bulgarian barley breeding program