Biochemical investigations on sunflower lines (Helianthus annuus L.) and their hybrid combinations

N. Nenova, E. Penchev, M. Drumeva

Abstract. They are studied different indices connected with the oil and protein contain in the seeds of sunflower lines and their hybrids. The lines are selected by combined using of between species hybridisation and the method of embryo cultivation. They are studied the indices 1000 kernel weight (g) , kernel( %), husk (%), oil in kernel (%), oil in seed (%), protein in defatted kernel (%) and protein in kernel (%). The investigated lines and their hybrid combinations possessed different genetic potentials according to the studied indices. The index 1000 kernel weight was in positive and significant correlation with protein in kernel; with the rest of the indices correlations were not determined. The principal component analysis demonstrated the positive effect of the indices percent of kernel, percent of oil in kernel and percent of oil in seed on the formation of 1000 kernel weight.