Morphometric characteristic of European perch (Perca fluviatilis) related to sex dimorphism

I. Sirakov, Y. Staykov, E. Ivancheva, G. Nikolov, A. Atanasov

Abstract. The relationships among 15 morphometric measurements and carcass weight in European perch (Perca fluviatilis) were examined in connection with sexual dimorphism. The determinated sex ratio was 1:1.3 in the advantage of the male sex. The female perch were larger than male perch by 20,7%, but the carcass weight of the male specimens was by 4,7% better in comparison with the ones measured in female specimens. There were found five morphometric characters that differ between genders: lD1 (1-st dorsal fin lenght) (p≤0.05), lA (anal fin lenght)(p≤0.05), hA (anal fin height) (p≤0.05), lp (pectoral fin lenght) (p≤0.001), lV (ventral fin lenght) (p≤0.05).