Genetics and Breeding

Synchronization of estrous in gilts with Altrenogest

S. Dimitrov, G. Bonev, Hr. Taseva

Phenotypic stability of new cotton varieties with improved fiber quality

A. Stoilova

Effect of age upon the reproductive performance of Japanese quails

А. Genchev

Nutrition and Physiology

Ethological evaluation of a building for free housing of dairy cows. II. Behavioral activities in the winter

І. Varlyakov, T. Slavov, N. Grigorova

Effect from the addition of VemoZim F(phytase) on diets with decreased content of phosphorus on the microstructure of tibia in chickens broilers

V. Georgieva, D. Yovchev, A. Atanasov

Production Systems

Quantitative changes in major components of lavender oil during the distillation process

G. Zhekova, N. Nedkov

Influence of some stimulators on the grain economic and sowing-seeds properties of two durum wheat cultivars

G. Delchev, D. Nenkova, D. Stoychev

Potassium fertilization on cotton

G. Panayotova, N. Valkova

Agriculture and Environment

Anthropogenically disturbed Soils and Methods for thier Reclamation

M. Banov, V. Tsolova, P. Ivanov, M. Hristova

Using Microwave mineralization in order to determine heavy metal concentration in samples of herbs used for pharmaceutical purposes
L. Dospatliev

Tolerance of lucerne varieties to Apion seniculus Kirby (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

I. Nikolova, N. Georgieva

Product Quality and Safety

Probiotic Characteristics of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Feces of Breast-Fed infant

S. Boycheva

Heat-induced Changes in Organic Compounds Characteristics and Properties of Sandy Soils

I. Atanassova, S. Doerr