Status of remote hybrids in the Poaceae: problems and prospects

H. Stoyanov*

Genetics and Breeding

Genetic divergence among accesions of coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.)

N. Dyulgerov, B. Dyulgerova

Yield stability of contemporary Bulgarian winter wheat cultivars (Triticum aestivum L.) in Dobrudzha

P. Chamurliyski, N. Tsenov

Assessment of initial material for stevia (Stevia rebaudiana B.) breeding

Tz. Kikindonov

Grain yield of winter feed barley varieties

B. Dyulgerova, D. Dimova, D. Valcheva, D. Vulchev, T. Popova, M. Gocheva

A study on the biological and economic qualities of common winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

I. Stankov, S. Tsvetanov, P. Stankova, I. Yanchev, T. Raycheva

Nutrition and Physiology

Drought-induced changes in photosynthesis of young cowpea plants

K. Uzunova, Z. Zlatev

Effect of organic fertilizers on photosynthesis of young tomato plants (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

Z. Zlatev, V. Popov

Production Systems

Productivity of sunflower grown in a periodic water deficit conditions

R. Petrova, A. Matev, H. Kirchev, A. Sevov

Variation of capillary rise of water in the slightly leached chernozem soil of Dobrudzha region under the effect of long-term use of some soil tillage practices


Influence of the variety and sowing rate on the green mass productivity of Sudan grass and Sorghum x Sudan grass hybrids

Tz. Kikindonov, S. Enchev, K. Slanev

Effect of the irrigation regime on the productivity of root celery by drip irrigation in the Plovdiv region

B. Harizanova-Petrova, A. Ovcharova

Study of a zeolite-water experimental refrigeration module intended for animal raising

R. Georgiev, K. Peichev, A. Pavlov, K.Trendafilov, G. Dineva, I. Binev

Method for rapid determination of the percentage rate of grain losses by the combine harvester according to its parameters

N. Delchev, K. Trendafilov

Phase-frequency characteristics of three types of milking clusters with a different volume and shape of the pulsation chamber

B. Banev, K. Peychev, V. Vlashev, G. Dineva

Nondestructive (NIRS) determination of some technological traits of Bombyx mori L. cocoons

M. Panayotov, S. Atanassova, S. Petrova

Researching the resistance of bees fattened up with additive of extract of Tribulus terrestris L. during wintering

I. Hristakov, I. Zhelyazkova, V. Hvarchilkov

Influence of liming with Ca(OH)2 on nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content in foliage of vine varieties

K. Trendafilov, V. Valcheva, S. Todorova

Content and composition of the essential oil of Rosa alba L. during flower development

A. Dobreva, M. Gerdzhikova

Effectiveness of application of the leaf-fertilizers Hortigrow in sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum var. glabratum)

V. Ivanov, I. Yanchev, T. Raycheva, K. Stoyanov

Agriculture and Environment

A study of macromycetes in Maglenishki Rid, Eastern Rhodopes Mts. II. Recent data of study

M. Lacheva

Agroclimatic conditions of existence of almond trees in Plovdiv region during the winter period

D. Ivanova, N. Shopova

Phytoplankton growth and chlorophyll – a content in the surface layer of the Bulgarian Black Sea coastal waters in 2011

D. Petrova, D. Gerdzhikov

Ecological status of Varna Bay through the state of phytoplankton, macrozoobenthos and macrophytes during the autumn of 2011

D. Petrova, E. Petrova, D. Gerdzhikov, V. Vachkova, R. Bekova

Environmental studies of the macrozoobenthos in the nearby coastal zone along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast

E. Petrova, S. Stoykov

Product Quality and Safety

Evaluation of pork meat quality and freshness using colorimetric and spectral methods

S. Atanassova, T. Stoyanchev, S. Ribarski

Reducing the hyperspectral feature spaces of ready-to-cook minced meat products

K. Kolev

Effect of cold storage terms on physico-chemical characteristics of Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnixjaponica) meat

S. Ribarski, A. Genchev, S. Atanasova

The flavonoid content in the white oil-bearing rose (Rosa alba L.)

A Dobreva, M Gerdzhikova