Molecular mechanisms and new strategies to fight stresses in egg-producing birds

E. Shatskikh, E. Latypova, V. Fisinin, S. Denev, P. Surai

Genetics and Breeding

Gene action in the inheritance of date to ear emergence and time to physiological maturity in bread wheat crosses (Triticum aestivum L.)
N. Tsenov, T. Gubatov, E. Tsenova

Productivity and stability of the yield from common winter wheat cultivars developed at IPGR Sadovo under the conditions of Dobrudzha region
P. Chamurliyski, E. Penchev, N. Tsenov

Effectof black (stem) rust (Puccinia Graminis F.SP. Tritici) attack to the spike characteristics in Polishwheat (Triticum Polonicum L.)
H. Stoyanov

Analysis of DNA polymorphism of CAST gene in Local Karnobat and Stara Zagora sheep breeds

D. Hristova, S. Georgieva, S. Tanchev

Correlation between grain yield and yield components in winter barley varieties

N. Markova Ruzdik, D.Valcheva, D.Vulchev, Lj. Mihajlov, I. Karov, V. Ilieva

Genetic diversity in different accessions of oat (Avena sativa L.)

T. Savova, B. Dyulgerova, G. Panayotova

Interspecific hybridization in cotton and its use in breeding

A. Stoilova, I. Saldzhiev

Influence of the direction of crossing on heterosis and transgression events in relation to the length of the vegetative period of Burley tobaccos variety group
Y. Dyulgerski, T. Radoukova, L. Dospatliev

Nutrition and Physiology

The performance of female dairy calves fed texturized starters with different protein sources

E. Yavuz, N. Todorov, G. Ganchev, K. Nedelkov

Feeding value estimation of spring forage pea (Pisum sativum L.) in organic cultivation

I. Nikolova, N. Georgieva, Y. Naydenova

Production Systems

Treatment of post harvest residues with cellulose decomposing preparations I. Effect on grain yield from wheat
G. Milev, I. Iliev, A. Ivanova