Strategies for durum wheat fertilization
L. Plescuta, G. Panayotova

Genetics and Breeding

Economical qualities of crosses between doubled haploid sugar beet lines
G. Kikindonov, Tz. Kikindonov, S. Enchev

Nutrition and Physiology

Optimization of formulations with balanced biochemical composition and possibilities for their extrusion
M. Ruskova, T. Petrova, I. Bakalov, N. Penov, A. Simitchiev

Plastid pigments quantity and some physiological parameters related to photosyntetic processes in triticale grown for green biomass
H. Nedeva, R. Ivanova, H. Yancheva

Production Systems

Selectivity and stability of vegetation-applied herbicides at cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)
T. Barakova, G. Delchev

Selectivity and stability of new herbicides and herbicide combinations for the seed yields of some field crops
II. Effect at milk thistle (Silybum Marianum Gaertn.)
G. Delchev

Effect of cocoon fluorescence, silkworm hybrid and gender on sericin content of Bombyx mori L. silk thread
M. Panayotov

Performance of eleven plum cultivars under agroclimatic conditions of Plovdiv region, Bulgaria
V. Bozhkova, P. Savov

Agriculture and Environment

Productivity and quality of open field tomato after application of bio-fertilizers
H. Botеva

Application of up-to-date environmental indices for assessment of seawater
D. Klisarova, D. Gerdzhikov, E. Petrova

Indicator polychlorinated biphenyl residues in muscle tissue of fish from Black Sea coast of Bulgaria
S. Georgieva, M. Stancheva

Investigation of the biota of Burgas Bay, Black Sea
D. Klisarova, E. Petrova, D. Gerdzhikov, S. Stoykov

Stone marten (Martes foina, Erxl., 1777) and villagers: human-wildlife social conflict
S. Peeva , E. Raichev

Product Quality and Safety

Composition of meat in La Belle and White Plymouth Rock chickens, slaughtered at different age
Т. Popova, E. Petkov, M. Ignatova

Estimation of differences in trace element composition of Bulgarian summer fruits using ICP-MS
G. Toncheva, K. Nikolova, D. Georgieva, G. Antova, V. Kuneva