Functional properties of maltitol

V. Dobreva, M. Hadjikinova, A. Slavov, D.Hadjikinov, G. Dobrev, B. Zhekova
Abstract. On the basis of reference data, the functional properties of maltitol, as a sweetener, have been presented and compared with that of traditional sweet ingredient sucrose. The production process of maltitol and the natural raw materials for its preparation have been investigated. The main physical, some chemical and organoleptic properties of maltitol which are directly related to the technology of foods and drinks have been discussed in order to study and compare its rheological behavior to that of sucrose in different products. On the basis of studied data the metabolism process of this alternative sweetener has been presented and its energy value related to its safety use in foods. In virtue of this study the conclusion is made that maltitol-containing confectionery and dairy products offer considerable advantages over traditional sucrose-based products in terms of reduced energy content, reduced cariogenicity and similar rheological behavior to that of sucrose.