Insecticidal action of beer towards different aphid species

D. Ganchev*

Department of Chemistry and Phytopharmacy, Faculty of Plant Protection and Agroecology, Agricultural University – Plovdiv, Bulgaria

(Manuscript received 6 January 2022; accepted for publication 31 August 2022)

Abstract. One of the most popular and widely consumed drinks in the world is beer, also one of the oldest in the human mankind. The consummation of the drink has deep historical roots and there are many traditions, especially in Europe such as beer festivals, beer-oriented tourism, and beer drinking games. Although beer is extremely popular in human society, it actually can act as a pesticide – more specifically as a molluscicide approved by the European Commission as a basic substance in 2017 to be used as a molluscicide in traps. In this study the insecticidal effects of popular brands of light beer type “lager” in Bulgaria: “Pirinsko Svetlo”, “Zagorka”, “Astika” and “Kamenitza” with alcohol content: 4.3% (v/v), 5% (v/v), 4.5% (v/v) and 4.4% (v/v) were investigated towards different aphid species. The beer was tested in the original form and with dilution with water: 90%, 80%, 70%, 50%, etc. The conducted trials prove that beer without any dilution can be 100% effective against aphid species: Aphis rosae, Aphis pomi, Myzus cerasi, Aphis nerii, Aphis gossypii. Mortality rate after 24 hours was 100% for all aphid species and all used in the tests beer trade marks were able to achieve this. There were no significant differences (p>0.05) between results received from tests with different aphid species and from different beer trademarks. In this aspect, the cheapest beer available on the local market can provide a safe, low cost, environmental and effective way of pest management in the small gardens, urban agriculture or plants in public spaces like airports, stations, offices, etc.