Productive manifestations and sensitivity to codling moth (Cydia (Laspeyresia) pomonella (L.) of apple cultivars and hybrids

V. Petrova*, S. Dimitrova, D. Sotirov

Agricultural Academy, Institute of Agriculture, 2500 Kyustendil, Bulgaria

(Manuscript received 18 May 2022; accepted for publication 14 November 2023)

Abstract. The present study was conducted during the period 2019 – 2021 at the Institute of Agriculture, Kyustendil. The productivity, fruit quality, and sensitivity to codling moth of 10 apple cultivars and 9 hybrids were evaluated. Standard technology was implemented to grow the fruit-bearing trees, which were grafted on MM 106 rootstock and planted at a distance 4.5×2.5 m. The highest average yields were obtained from the cultivar Rosana (30.4 kg/tree) and hybrid 9 (28.3 kg/tree). Fruit weight ranged from 83 g (hybrid 2/4) to 248 g (Charden). Goldrush had the highest fruit flesh firmness – 10.0 kg/cm2 and hybrid 1/7 the lowest – 6.7 kg/cm2. No differences in the sensitivity to codling moth were observed among cultivars and hybrids. The percentage of damage ranged from 3.7% (hybrid 1/3) to 5% (Rosana) in 2020 and from 43.6% (hybrid 2/4) to 55.7% (Golden Resistan) in 2021.