Genetics and Breeding

Monitoring of genealogical structure development of East Bulgarian breed horses originating from stallions of other sporting breeds
I. Sabeva, M. Popova

Population status, breeding policy and perspectives for the development of the Danubian horse breed
R. Vlaeva, N. Lukanova, M. Popova.

Relationships between milk yield, quality and coagulation properties with kappa-casein (к-CN) genotypes of Bulgarian Rhodope cattle breed
I. Mehandzhiyski, Т. Angelova, D. Yordanova, J. Krastanov

Preservation and study of old local forms of the so called “vineyard peach” (Prunus persica L.) in the Shumen region, Bulgaria
D. Vasilev, S. Malchev, A. Zhivondov

Nutrition and Physiology

Generative development of carrots (Daucus carota L.) during seed production depending on the fertilization
Al. Trayanov

Production Systems

Fertilizer monitoring using micromachined cantilever
Venkatesh KP Rao*

After-effect of foliar-applied herbicides for broad-leaved weeds on the primary germ weight of cotton seeds (Gossypium hirsutum L.)
T. Barakova, St. Georgiev

Analysis of cowpea price forecasting in Adamawa state, Nigeria
T. Joshua, J. Zalkuwi

Agriculture and Environment

Sensitivity to herbicides of two spring forage pea cultivars
S. Ivanov, M. Dimitrova

Determination of some heavy metals in vegetable garden soil and waste dumpsite soil in Mubi North, Adamawa State, Nigeria
Z.B. Mshelia

Energy use pattern and greenhouse gas emission in systems for greenhouse vegetable production
A. Nourani, A. Bencheikh

Efficiency of cardboard solar heater boxes for disinfestations of stored grains against arthropod pest
G. Abdullahi, R. Muhamad, O. Dzolkhifli, U.R. Sinniah

Change in use of agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes – procedures, aspects, problems
V. Velkovski

Product Quality and Safety

Survival of the fittest: the choice between local and imported rice consumption in Delta central agricultural zone, Delta state, Nigeria
T.M. Gbigbi

Gender analysis of educational inequality among rural children of school-age in Kwara State, Nigeria
R.O. Babatunde, A.E. Omoniwa, M.N. Ukemena