Fibromelanosis in domestic chickens

H. Lukanov, A. Genchev

Genetics and Breeding

Rumi and IPK Nelina – new cotton varieties

A. Stoilova, Hr. Meluca

Drying of seeds from common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) by using Silica gel for ex situ storage

P. Chamurlyisky, N. Tsenov, S. Stoyanova

Breeding evaluation of newly stabilized lines of maize

V. Valkova

Apricot breeding for resistance to Sharka

V. Bozhkova, S. Milusheva

Dry matter accumulation in the varieties of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) according to previous crop

A. Ivanova, N. Tsenov

Reproductive performance of weaning saws after treatment with Fertipig®

S. Dimitrov, G. Bonev

Reproductive performance of Polish Large White and Polish Landrace sows

B. Szostak, V. Katsarov

Nutrition and Physiology

Effect of the feeding of products stimulating the development of bee colonies

R. Shumkova, I. Zhelyazkova

Investigations on kidney function in mulard ducklings with experimental aflatoxicosis

I. Valchev, N. Grozeva, L. Lazarov, D. Kanakov, Ts. Hristov, R. Binev, Y. Nikolov

Rumen fermentation in yearling rams fed different rations

V. Radev

Effect of different lipid and protein dietary levels on rumen ciliate fauna and cellulolytic activity in yearling rams

V. Radev, I. Varlyakov, R. Mihaylov

Production Systems

Efficacy and selectivity of antibroadleaved herbicides at durum wheat against volunteers of coriander, Clearfield canola, Clearfield sunflower and ExpressSun sunflower

G. Delchev

Investigations on friction coefficients of cow hooves with different dairy farm floor types

T. Penev, Z. Manolov, I. Borissov, V. Dimova, Tch. Miteva, Y. Mitev, V. Kirov

Productivity of irrigation cotton cultivated under different inter-row spaces

I. Saldzhiev, A. Muhova

Stability evaluation of mixtures among preparations with different biological effect on the basis of grain yield in spring vetch

G. Delchev, N. Georgieva, I. Nikolova

Biological activity of plant protection products against Tuta absoluta (Meyrick) in tomato grown in greenhouses

N. Valchev, V. Yankova, D. Markova

Agriculture and Environment

Changes of some agro-chemical parameters of Pellic Vertisol (FAO) soil type in growing cereal crops under organic system of agriculture

V. Koteva

Product Quality and Safety

Carcass composition and meat quality in lambs reared indoors and on pasture

T. Popova, P. Marinova

Fatty acids and lipid indices of buffalo milk yogurt

N. Naydenova, T. Iliev, G. Mihaylova

Effect of supplementary honey and artificial sugar feeding of bees on the composition of royal jelly

R. Balkanska, I. Zhelyazkova, M. Ignatova, B. Kashamov

Influence of the amount of milk clotting enzyme with microbial and camel origin on the coagulation time of cow’s milk

P. Panayotov, K. Yoanidu, P. Boyanova, B. Milenkov

Determining chlorophyll and carrotenoid content in Bombyx mori L. excreta by Near Infrared Spectroscopy

S. Atanasova, M. Panayotov, D. Pavlov, M. Duleva