Effect of physical form and protein source of starter feed on growth and development of dairy calves
E. Yavuz, G. Ganchev, N. Todorov

Genetics and Breeding

Characterization of Plasmopara viticola isolates from Bulgaria with micro satellite markers
K. Kosev, I. Simeonov, G. Djakova, T. Hvarleva

Total phenol content, antioxidant activity of hip extracts and genetic diversity in a small population of R. canina L. cv. Plovdiv 1 obtained by seed propagation
M. Rusanova, K. Rusanov, S. Stanev, N. Kovacheva, I. Atanassov

Correlation between qualitative-technological traits and grain yield in two-row barley varieties
N. Markova Ruzdik, D.Valcheva, D.Vulchev, Lj. Mihajlov, I. Karov, V. Ilieva

Application of path coefficient analysis in assessing the relationship between growth-related traits in indigenous Nigerian sheep (Ovis aries) of Niger State, Nigeria
S. Egena, D. Tsado, P Kolo, A. Banjo, M. Adisa-Shehu-Adisa

Effect of height of stem on the productivity of winter common wheat
N. Tsenov, T. Gubatov, E. Tsenova

Influence of the direction of crossing on activities of heterosis regarding the height of plants and number of leaves in Burley tobacco hybrids
Ts. Radoukova, Y. Dyulgerski, L. Dospatliev

Common winter wheat lines with complex resistance to rusts and powdery mildew combined with high biochemical index
V. Ivanova, S. Doneva, Z. Petrova

Study of emmer (Triticum dicoccum (Schrank) Shuebl.) accessions for traits related to spike productivity and grain quality in connection to durum wheat improvement
K. Taneva, V. Bozhanova, B. Hadzhiivanova

Phenotypic stability of yield on varieties and lines of durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.)
R. Dragov, D. Dechev

Classification and regression tree analysis in modeling the milk yield and conformation traits for Holstein cows in Bulgaria
A. Yordanova, S. Gocheva-Ilieva, H. Kulina, L.Yordanova, I. Marinov

Nutrition and Physiology

Potential N-supplying ability of soil depending on the size of soil units under different soil tillage systems
M. Nankova, P. Yankov

Production Systems

Tolerance and own tolerance of wheat under conditions of permanent and long-term rotation
N. Nankov, G. Milev, A. Ivanova, I. Iliev, M. Nankova

Influence of fertilization and sowing density on grain production of Sorghum bicolor L., in the climatic conditions of Central Moldavia, Romania
S. Pochişcanu, T. Robu, A. Gherasim, M. Zaharia

Effect of locomotor activity of Russian sturgeons (Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii Brandt) on water heat flows in a recirculation system
K. Peychev, Y. Staykov, S. Stoyanova

The effect of stocking density on some hydrochemical parameters and growth traits in European perch (Perca fluviatilis L.), cultivated in a recirculation system
G. Zhelyazkov

Agriculture and Environment

Agroecological assessment of wastewater from Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant by physico- chemical parameters
G. Kostadinova, D. Dermendzhieva, G. Petkov, I. Taneva

Exploring the yield potential and spike characteristics of tritordeum (×Tritordeum ascherson et graebner) accessions under the conditions of South Dobrodza
H. Stoyanov

Effect of amitraz on varroosis in bees (Apis mellifera L.)
K. Gurgulova, I. Zhelyazkova, S. Takova, K. Malinova

New data about Crocus olivieri J. Gay on the territory of Sinite Kamani Natural Park, Bulgaria
N. Grozeva, M. Todorova, M. Gerdzhikova, G. Panayotova, N. Getova, D. Dohchev, K. Tsutsov

Product Quality and Safety

Near Infrared Spectroscopy and aquaphotomics for monitoring changes during yellow cheese ripening
S. Atanassova

Investigation on the technological traits of Bulgarian and imported merino wool batches
D. Pamukova