Alternatives for optimisation of rumen fermentation in ruminants
T. Slavov

Genetics and Breeding

Characterization of a new winter malting barley cultivar Ahil
B. Dyulgerova, D. Vulchev, T. Popova

Evaluation of high yielding mutants of Hordeum vulgare cultivar Izgrev
B. Dyulgerova, N. Dyulgerov

Nutrition and Physiology

In vitro gas production of different feeds and feed ingredients at ruminants
E. Videv, J. Krastanov, S. Laleva, Т. Angelova, M. Oblakova, N. Oblakov, D. Yordanova, V. Karabashev

Evaluation of chemical composition of raw and processed tropical sickle pod (Senna obtusifolia) seed meal
Augustine C., Kwari I.D., Igwebuike J.U., Adamu S.B.

Effect of urea-fortified all concentrate corncob diets on serum biochemical and hematological indices of West African dwarf goats
U. M. Kolo, A. A. Adeloye, M. B. Yousuf

Production Systems

Analysis of the technological dairy cows traffic “to and from” herringbone milking parlors
K. Peychev, D. Georgiev, V. Dimova, V. Georgieva

Effect of pre-sowing soil tillage for wheat on the crop structure and the yield components under the conditions of slightly leached chernozem soil in Dobrudzha region
P. Yankov, M. Drumeva

Study on the process of unloading grain harvesters at the end of the field
G. Tihanov

Modeling and simulation of fuzzy logic controller for optimization of the greenhouse microclimate management
Didi Faouzi, N. Bibi-Triki, B. Draoui, A. Abene

Floristic diversity of ‘Chinarite’ protected area – Rodopi municipality, Bulgaria
L. Dospatliev, M. Lacheva

Heavy metal pools in urban soils from city parks of Sofia, Bulgaria
V. G. Kachova, I. D. Atanassova

Ecological characteristics of reclaimed areas in Pernik mines region, Bulgaria
I. Kirilov, M. Banov

Reclamation of soil excavated from construction and mine searching areas in Turkey
F. Apaydin

Product Quality and Safety

Concentration of sulfur-containing amino acids at turkey broilers during and after muscle dystrophy, fed with deficient feed supplemented with oxidised fat
K. Stoyanchev

Exopolysaccharide influence’s on acid gel formation
K. Yoanidu, P. Boyanova, P. Panayotov

Carcass characteristics and technological properties of Musculus Longissimus Lumborum at lambs from the Bulgarian dairy synthetic population and its F1 crosses with meat breeds
N. Ivanov, T. Angelova, S. Laleva S. Ribarski, D. Miteva, D. Yordanova, V. Karabashev, I. Penchev