Possibilities for application of plant promotor Immunocitofit in integrated pepper production

S. Masheva, V. Todorova, G. Toskov
Abstract. The effect of multi-objective promotor Immunocitofit on the germination, germinating energy, yield and degree of infestation as a result of Verticillium wilt was studied in treatment of pepper seeds and plants variety Kurtovska kapiya 1619. The experiment was performed both in laboratory and in open field conditions in the Maritsa Vegetable Crops Research Institute, Plovdiv during the period 2008-2009. Immunocitofit has stimulated the mass germination of the seeds and increased their germination ability. The yield obtained from such plants (treated seeds + threefold treatment during the vegetation: in bud formation phase + twofold treatments every 15 days with addition of 0.5 % kristalon 18, 18, 18) is higher, by 23.54 % on average compared to untreated control. A dominant power of effect (64.51%) on the variability of the character showed the year (growing conditions) followed by the production system (24.62%). The index of damage caused by Verticillium wilt is the lowest also in the variant with treated seeds and plants by the scheme + kristalon (i = 7.78%) and the highest in the untreated control variant (i = 29.96%). All systematic factors have an effect on the expression of this character. The growing system has the greatest effect (40.99%) on the expression of this character, followed by the factor seed treatment (29.33%) and the interaction treatment of seeds x growing system (25.08%).