Mathematical methods for assessment and analysis of honey yield data for Bulgaria and the European Union for the period 1961-2014

N. Keranova* Department of Mathematics, Informatics and Physics, Faculty of Economics, Agricultural University-Plovdiv, 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria (Manuscript received 30 May 2017; accepted for publication 27 September 2017) Abstract. The objective of this work is to assess the average yi
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Effect of herd and number of lactation on milking temperament score in Black-and-White cows

Abstract. The study comprises 143 Black-and-White cows from three cattle farms with free cubicle rearing (one) and tied rearing (two). The number of cows by farms is as follows: farm 1 – 69 cows, farm 2 – 34 cows and farm 3 – 40 cows. All cows in lactation from Ist to VIIth at the tim
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Possibilities for application of plant promotor Immunocitofit in integrated pepper production

S. Masheva, V. Todorova, G. Toskov Abstract. The effect of multi-objective promotor Immunocitofit on the germination, germinating energy, yield and degree of infestation as a result of Verticillium wilt was studied in treatment of pepper seeds and plants variety Kurtovska kapiya 1619.
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