Symbiotic effect on some microbiological species and physicochemical properties in milk in subclinical mastitis of dairy cows

I. Abdennebi1, C.R. Messai2, N. Ouchene3,5*, N.A. Ouchene-khelifi3,5, L. Ghallache4, K. Ait-Oudhia5,6, T.M. Hamdi1, D. Khelef2 1Laboratory of Food Hygiene and Quality Insurance System, High National Veterinary School, Algiers, Algeria 2Animal Health and Production Laboratory, High Nat
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Study of milk composition in sheep of Pleven black head breed

D. Panayotov, T. Iliev, N. Naydenova, D. Pamukova, M. Simeonov Abstract. The aim of the study was to investigate somatic cell count and milk composition from Pleven Black head breed of sheep. A total of 96 ewes on first lactation were used belonging to the flock of the village of Koma
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