Genetics and Breeding

Polymorphism of storage proteins in malting barley lines developed at Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute – General Toshevo

G. Mihova, D. Yordanova, D. Valcheva, S. Doneva, I. Ivanova

Combining ability for grain yield of mid-late maize inbred lines

N. Petrovska

Technological evaluation of new common winter wheat lines developed at Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute – General Toshevo

I. Stoeva

Effects of antioxidant (Salvia officinalis L. extract) on in vitro fertilization and micromanipulation intracytoplasmic sperm injection in Albino mice.

H. Al-Ahmed, R. Mahood, G. Bonev, S. Georgieva

Nutrition and Physiology

Changes in chlorophyll fluorescence and leaf gas exchange of durum wheat under low positive temperatures

Z. Zlatev, T. Kolev

Leaf gas exchange and water relations of two sunflower cultivars under drought

Z. Zlatev

Comparative investigation on some welfare indicators of cattle under different housing systems

J. Mitev, T. Penev, Zh. Gergovska, Ch. Miteva, N. Vassilev, K. Uzunova

Production Systems

Vertical distribution of wheat seeds in the soil layer depending on the type of pre-sowing tillage

P. Yankov

Chemical composition of sediments from fish ponds as a natural biological product

D. Terziyski, L. Hadjinikolova

Meat yield of stone crayfish Austropotamobius torrentium (Schrank, 1803)

T. Hubenova, A. Zaikov, I. Piskov, I. Iliev

Parameters of the soil chip of a vertical rotational soil-cultivating organ with active drive

D. Guglev, M. Vassileva

Impact of mineral fertilization in carp ponds on dependant environmental factors

L. Hadjinikolova, D. Terziyski, A. Ivanova

Susceptibility of black currant varieties grown in Troyan to Antracnose (Gloeosporium ribis) Mont. et Desm

T. Stoyanova, I. Minev, P. Minkov

Agriculture and Environment

Preliminary study on the invasive Acizzia jamatonica (Hemiptera: Psyllidae) and its predators in Bulgaria

V. Harizanova, A. Stoeva, M. Mohamedova

Dynamics in the qualitative composition of phytoplankton from different water areas along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in 2009

D. Petrova, D. Gerdzhikov

Investigations of the macrozoobethos in Burgas Bay (Black Sea)

E. Petrova, St. Stoykov

Monitoring of pest populations – an important element of integrated pest management of field crops

V. Arnaudov, S. Raykov, R. Davidova, H. Hristov, V. Vasilev, P. Petkov

Acute toxicity of benzoates for different species

Y. Koleva

Product Quality and Safety

Changes in the chemical composition of some pieces of pork stored at different temperatures

A. Kuzelov, O. Savinok, T. Angelkova, Dijana Naseva

Sensory and nutritive quality of fermented dry sausages produced in industrial conditions

Kuzelov, O. Savinok, T. Angelkova, M. Mladenov

Short communications

Influence of the disk angle adjustment on the condition soil surface using surface tilling machine

M. Dallev, I. Ivanov