Genetics and Breeding

Polymorphism of the C3 component of the complement system and its impact on serum lysozyme concentrations and complement activity

Ts. Koynarski, L. Sotirov

Use of cluster analysis for selection of quality at the early stages of wheat breeding

I. Stoeva, I. Belchev, K. Kostov, I. Ivanova, E. Penchev

Genetic relationship among Nigerian indigenous sheep populations using blood protein polymorphism

M. Akinyemi , A. Salako

Effect of melatonin treatment on fertility, fecundity, litter size and sex ratio in ewes

G. Bonev

The effects of productive status and age on blood serum parameters before oestrous synchronisation in Awassi and Awassi crosses sheep breed

G. Bonev, R. Slavov, S. Georgieva, P. Badarova, S. Omar

Nutrition and Physiology

Chemical composition and nutritive value of fungal treated acha straw

A. Akinfemi

Carcass traits, intestinal morphology and cooking yield of broilers fed different fermented soyabean meal based diets

M. M. Ari, B.A. Ayanwale, T. Z. Adama, E.A. Olatunji

Production Systems

Possibilities for application of plant promotor Immunocitofit in integrated pepper production

S. Masheva, V. Todorova, G. Toskov

Study on vegetative and generative manifestations as well as yield from glasshouse tomatoes when foliar fertilizers are applied

N. Valchev, S. Masheva

Plant species screening for biofumigant activity against soil-borne pathogens and root-knot nematodes

S. Masheva, V. Yankova, G. Toskov

Agriculture and Environment

Water quality assessment from own source at poultry farm located in rural region in South Bulgaria

R. Stefanova, G. Kostadinova, N. Georgieva

Influence of different factors on tannins and flavonoids extraction of some thyme varieties representatives of thymol, geraniol and citral chemotype

G. Zhekova, D. Pavlov

Identification of pathogenic races of wheat common bunt using differential lines in Lorestan province

Z. Noruzi, V. Mahinpoo, M. Mohamedi, F. Fayazi, F. Jalali, A. Sohilinejad, M. Darvishnia

Review of species of the phylum Acanthocephala from the Middle-Bulgarian Region

Z. Dimitrova, N. Dimitrova

Effect of experimentally polluted water on the morphological characteristics on the leaves of two varieties of Triticum aestivum L. grown on different soil types

K. Velichkova, D. Pavlov, D. Ninova

Evaluation the relative resistance of 14 corn cultivars to Fusarium mais rot infection

L. Ashnagar, S. Rezaei, M. Darvishnia, M. Zamani

Product Quality and Safety

Modeling of spectral data characteristics of healthy and Fusarium diseased corn kernels

Ts. Draganova